Art Direction

Breadblok is a gluten-free bakery for everyone — founded by Chloé Charlier in 2016 — using the best ingredients to make artisan breads and pastries that satisfy the needs of a health-conscious lifestyle. We’ve been with them since the start, coming up with branding, packaging, and other needs as they arise. Physical locations will open in early 2019.

photograph by Julia Stotz

The identity is centered around a subtle silhouette of a bread loaf stack, and the mark is utilized as a block in various applications to emphasize the physicality of baking — the geometry of forms outside and inside an oven. We developed a color system using only shades of brown, highlighted with a rose gold metallic Pantone on some packaging. After commissioning a detailed shoot from photographer Julia Stotz and food stylist Caroline Hwang, we created a concept book to introduce Breadblok to its Los Angeles home.

While waiting for the buildout of its first location, Breadblok has been selling at various farmers markets, using an ingenious transportable display system developed by Commune design studio.

photographs by Spencer Lowell

The website was designed and developed in partnership with frequent collaborator Camp Quiet, with full online ordering to launch in tandem with its first brick and mortar in 2019.