Art Direction

We spent the better part of 2016 executing a top to bottom brand refresh for The Bump, the go-to resource for new parents and parents-to-be. Alongside the new identity, we crafted a detailed style guide to be executed across all platforms and content, with input from a stellar internal team including Josh Himwich (VP, Product), Eben Levy (Experience Design Director), Julia Wang (Site Director), and Tracy Cho (Senior Marketing Strategist), helping to transform The Bump into the fastest growing revenue (+300%) and user engagement driver (+150% weekly average users) for its parent company, XO Group.

A huge shift in color and typography instantly made a statement, announcing the new branding as equally bold as it was friendly and fun for its users. The “B” mark was subtle and could be utilized in a variety of ways, masking photography and illustration, or providing an end sign after article text. The style guide had to be robust, accommodating a variety of both desktop and mobile content and use cases.

For it’s popular How Big is Baby? feature, we commissioned illustratorĀ Matthew Hollister to represent each week of a pregnancy as a fruit (this gets a lot more difficult than it sounds toward the later weeks!). A lot of time was spent on various mobile interactions and UX considerations, including new ways to customize a users Feed, and personalizing theĀ Registry Genius section.