Art Direction

We’ve been working closely with Babylist — a registry builder and all-around parenting resource — for well over a year, starting with a complete rebranding and ending with a highly-detailed design system that can be utilized by both design and engineering teams going forward. Babylist’s products touch a huge array of parenting aspects, from building, sharing and maintaining a baby registry, detailed guides and resources for both pregnancy and after birth, recommending and actual shopping for the most trusted and tested products, and much more.

The massive Design System utilizes two Sketch libraries — which we coined “Core” and “Components” — that can be edited and utilized for all aspects of Babylist’s responsive web and product executions. It’s a living and breathing system that can update itself across the board simply and efficiently. A sampling of the 100 page document, not to mention countless master symbols and UI patterns, is shown below.

The heart of Babylist is the registry itself, and from there an entire world opens up to support and inform you on your parenting journey. The brand balances its utility with a friendly, fun and comforting visual voice. We brought along Jonathan O’Brien for his expert design assistance throughout a lot of our user experience design process.